"Agile Board"

der agile coach

Structure of the shared backlog.

-The sprint board and the structure of the sprint backlog correspond to the structure of a normal AGILEn sprint board.
the organization and structure of a normal AGILEn sprint board.

der agile coach

The right altitude.

-The XS backlog should be clear and give the team a clear view of the tasks ahead. Too high an altitude can lead to ambiguity, while too low an altitude can impair clarity.

-Every user story in the XS backlog should be sufficiently detailed to be understood by the team members.

-Each user story in the XS backlog should contain clear requirements and acceptance criteria, which are recorded in the DoD (Def of Done) on the sprint board.

der agile coach

Pay attention to priorities between XS projects.

-The prioritization results from the prioritization, the urgency or risks of the higher-level projects and the dependencies between the projects that have resulted from the consolidated overall stage planning of all XS projects.

der agile coach

Team capacity and WIP limit.

-Consider the skills and availability of the team members in the XS project bundle. Ensure that the team’s capacity is realistic and sustainable. Communicate and visualize the team capacity transparently within the team.

-Determine the WIP limit based on the real team capacity and visualize it transparently, visible to all with the “yellow line” on the sprint board.