"The Agile Coach"

der agile coach

Special features of XS projects.

XS projects are often the Cinderella of the project world – too small to be really noticed. They rarely receive full support, only part-time helpers who are there when nothing more important is on the agenda. They are quickly forgotten and never seem to get finished. Instead of working on them, they are talked about more. As a result, no one really wants to tackle them.

The AGILE Coach’s mission is to bring these XS projects out of the shadows and give them the same attention and appreciation as the big projects. He transforms the XS-POT and the XS-TEAM into equal players who tackle their tasks with pride and self-confidence. But how does he achieve this?

der agile coach

Together we are strong: all for one – one for all.

The AGILE Coach analyzes the large number of XS projects together with the management. He looks for and identifies commonalities, forms a coherent program or a portfolio pipeline and puts together a suitable POT. With the POT, he develops a mission and vision for the overall project. Success is evident when both the team and the management are convinced of the importance and meaningfulness of the project.

This identity formation creates a strong, self-confident team that is on an equal footing with other projects. It fights for its goals and celebrates its successes with pride.

der agile coach

Same priorities.

The bundling of XS projects means that all projects should lead to the goal. The AGILE Coach works with the POT to develop uniform priorities that apply to all XS projects. Each project is given the same chance of being completed. In order to achieve the flow, the coach pays attention to the “Stop Starting – Start Finishing” principle and ensures that this is adhered to throughout the bundle.

der agile coach


Working in an XS bundle of projects can easily be imagined as working on a large construction site. A large residential building complex with many units has to be completed. Many small building sites are open at the same time and are at different stages of completion. Bricklayers, plasterers, plumbers, electricians, tilers, floor layers and carpenters are working on different units at the same time and need to be perfectly coordinated.

The AGILE Coach uses the POT to bring together all the necessary skills and reacts flexibly to changes in the project schedule. He ensures that communication within the team functions smoothly. On the construction site, the first coordination meeting, the Daily, usually takes place right at the start of the day. Additional meetings are arranged as required.

Even if there is no official agile coach on a current construction site, this role is taken on by experienced foremen who monitor the process and convene coordination meetings if necessary. The agile coach acts in a similar way in projects by ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that the team communicates well.

der agile coach


In contrast to the construction site, development teams in projects often consist of new, constantly changing members. The agile coach ensures that everything runs smoothly – so well that it seems as if they are not needed at all. But that is precisely their job. He is the oil in the gears that keeps everything running smoothly and solves problems at an early stage. Its true importance is only recognized when it is missing.