"Bring work to the team"

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Define projects less compartmentalized.

-XS projects with their small-scale work tasks often require frequent context changes, which
context changes, which can lead to a loss of efficiency. Larger, coherent tasks minimize these context changes and promote continuous progress.

der agile coach

Employees focused on one portfolio.

– “Dividing the work of an XS project portfolio among the team rather than dividing the team among many small work tasks” leads to a more optimal, holistic allocation of activities to a team rather than burdening it with a multitude of small and isolated work tasks.

-Teams can act more effectively autonomously if they are responsible for larger parts of the work. This supports self-organization and enables the team to make its own decisions.

-Bring the work to the team” therefore means: We structure the work around a team instead of “bring the team to the wrok” by breaking down a team into many individual activities.

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der agile coach

Kanban also works.

-If the XS projects are small in nature and have relatively short turnaround times, a Kanban board can provide a suitable platform to visualize the work and enable a continuous flow.

-Kanban is also known for its flexibility and adaptability. When XS projects are processed in short cycles and frequent changes occur in the workflow, Kanban can support this dynamic.

-Finally, KANBAN provides an overall view of the state of work in the team. XS projects can be integrated into this big picture, which can give stakeholders and team members a clearer picture of the current situation.

der agile coach


-Bring work to the team” is in line with agile principles such as the focus on individuals and interactions via processes and tools. It underlines the importance of giving teams the opportunity to take on meaningful and comprehensive tasks in order to maximize efficiency and value creation and thus “MORE OUTPUT”.