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Steering and focusing.

People who become more and more aware of what they can do from sprint to sprint become more self-aware, they become more SELF-CONSCIOUS. As people grow up, they create things that they and others would not have thought possible before.

As a leader, all you have to do is channel this energy in the right direction and then leave it to self-organization.
This is exactly the agile rhythm:
1. Set clear goals, 2. Leave space, 3. Give feedback.

For this to be achieved, two things need to change:
(1) Management must learn to steer and
(2) the teams must be able to focus

der agile coach

The team flow..

People who work without fear, concentrating on the core of a thing, get into the flow state. In flow, people act with ease and joy. Some describe it as “stomach tingling”. You forget space and time.

This sensitive balance of goal orientation and freedom arises in self-determined action. There are clearly defined guardrails. This creates the focus from which success results.

Agile project work brings teams into a rhythm. They no longer have to think about how to organize themselves, how to design management reports in order to be able to continue working in peace, or how to delegate responsibility back. If management wants to be realistically informed about the status of the project, they go to the project team and look at the Agile board, this is called “go to Gemba“.

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