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Products have to mature.

Large projects often work towards an overall product over long periods of time. Meaningful interim deliveries allow the customer to recognize the maturity of the product and give good feedback.

Epics enable the description of large intermediate deliveries that structure the maturation of the overall product.

der agile coach

What will the product be able to do and when?

Epics are the means to describe maturity goals and their interim deliveries and thus provide the customer and the often many teams in a large project with orientation on the path to complete maturity.

Epics are the elements that are rough enough to show them all in an overall plan of product creation as an overview.

Dependencies between epics indicate at a high level where the critical chain (critical path) lies in product development and allow risks to be identified and mitigated

der agile coach

Does the path to maturity make sense?

The chain from epics to the entire maturity of the product can ideally convey the scope of large interim deliveries and clarify their mutual dependencies. Epics give the many puzzle pieces in a large project recognizable patterns into which they fit.

In this way, they create confidence in customers, stakeholders and teams that they are on the right path and allow the current location coordinates to be determined.