"Chief Product Owner Team"

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Significantly more than 4 teams?

Large projects have many agile teams. Every Agile team has a Product Owner team.

But who coordinates the many POTs with their teams as a whole? This important task must be clearly regulated in order to minimize reactive power.

A Chief POT takes on the role of the Go To Point for stakeholders and customers (external and internal) and all POTs with their teams.

der agile coach

Market, technology and project coordination.

As with the POT, the Chief POT’s market, technology and project coordination expertise should be represented by a few capable people.

The market representative maintains communication with the customer and, together with his colleagues, translates their wishes from informal language into a structured backlog. The technology representative sets architectural guidelines in order to be able to build a technically feasible system. The project manager takes care of the budget, costs and deadlines and recognizes dependencies. All Chief PO Members together give the POTs and their implementation teams the good framework conditions to be able to work in a goal-oriented manner.

der agile coach

Here too you need an AGILECOACH.

A dedicated Agile Coach designs and moderates the often complex communication structures together with the Chief POT so that the large structure made up of many people works with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

In this role, an Agile Coach needs the seniority, acceptance and empathy to be able to assess where there are problems in the big picture and where support and improvement is necessary.

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