"The Demo"

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The Sprint Review – the DEMO?

After 14 days, the sprint review, the so-called demonstration (DEMO), is carried out. This demo date has the effect of a small “SOP” (Start of Production). In the demo, the results are presented to the POT for the first time. Therefore, moderating this meeting requires even greater sensitivity than the daily stand-up meeting. The POT’s leadership ability is particularly put to the test. Does the POT keep the focus on the outcome (What) rather than setting the path (How)?

der agile coach

Who is there?

The crucial thing is invisible: Does the responsibility remain within the team, even if the achievement of goals becomes more critical, or does a product owner team member unconsciously take responsibility again?

Support comes from someone who can read between the lines, the AGILECOACH.

der agile coach

The structure.

Presenting sprint results works best when you can see or, even better, touch the result. True to the “go to Gemba” principle, it makes perfect sense to carry out the demo in the model building or in the test building. This increases clarity and avoids misunderstandings.

der agile coach

Motivation is the be-all and end-all.

A POT member must be able to give real, authentic recognition to the team.
Nothing motivates you anymore. Anyone who believes that pointing out what is not yet finished, what has not yet been achieved or what has not been achieved so well can provoke the team’s ambition to become even better is usually wrong. Often these people are not even aware of this and it only becomes clear to them in the subsequent feedback discussion with the agile coach.

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