"Strategic Planning"

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More value in the tunnel.

The aim of strategic planning is to bring more value into the tunnel. Choosing the right things before the right things are done.
The prerequisite is a fascinating vision that gives meaning to the company’s endeavours. Derived from this: A mission that guides daily actions.

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From strategy to search fields.

In order to achieve growth, you need search fields in which growth can take place. These are either new products in existing markets or existing products in new markets. Or the riskiest combination: new products in new markets.

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Problems are treasures.

Successful products are always the solution to a problem. The art is therefore to recognise problems. The CPM method has proven to be the best way to do this. The aim is to find the problems that promise the greatest market potential and whose solution fits in with the core competences.

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Excellent Preparation – “the final spurt”.

In technology companies, the output of new products is limited by R&D capacity. To avoid clogging up the “sacred tunnel” of R&D capacity, the requirements for the product to be developed and the necessary capacities must be clarified in advance. The principle of “excellent preparation” ensures that only those projects that have the necessary maturity are granted access.

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Detail as you go.

The Pareto principle also applies to “Excellent” prepared projects. The last 20% require 80% of the effort. In order to sensibly allocate the scarce resources of product management (market) and the system developers required everywhere (technology), it is important to focus on the right projects.

A company can only ever launch a limited number of projects in a certain period of time. “The better beats the good” means focussing. Only projects that have managed to progress to the next level of maturity are developed more fully. This means “detail as you go”. This ensures that sufficient capacities from the market and technology are available for the right projects in order to prepare them “excellently” and thus with “more value”.

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