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More personal responsibility in the team …

Working IN the company” refers to operational work in the specialist area or in projects. Specialist area managers are very often promoted to management because of their outstanding technical expertise. These managers first have to learn the skills of a manager to develop people, optimise processes and framework conditions and promote the specialist expertise of their employees. Many of these managers are too busy doing things themselves in order to fulfil their perfection requirements. In doing so, they become a bottleneck and the performance of their specialist department is limited by their own capacity. As a result, they arrive earlier in the morning, stay longer and are often overworked.

If you want to escape this vicious circle, you need to develop more personal responsibility in your team. There is no better working system than AGILE to achieve just that!

der agile coach

Decision at the lowest possible level.

Decisions should be made at the lowest possible hierarchical level. Why? Because this is where the expertise is more directly related to the problem.

Generals who try to deploy their troops from the planning table lose their battles. Generals who set directions and strategies and leave the operational decisions to their forces on the ground win.

To develop this decision-making ability at team level, there is a simple rule: the next time you make a knee-jerk decision, pause for a moment. Think about whether this decision could be made by someone in your team. You may now be thinking: “Yes, it would definitely work – but it would take longer – and it might not be quite as good.” But what would be the advantage? Next time – in a similar situation, you have gained time. Sometimes the decision that someone else makes is just different – but not worse. Sometimes it is even better and you are surprised by an even better idea. Of course, it can also be worse. But then work on communicating the rules according to which you would have made a better decision and thus impart deeper expertise. Work on the system. Why should you do this? To gain time for the essentials!

der agile coach

More time for the essentials.

Markets and environmental conditions are changing faster and faster. Companies in which more managers work on the flexibility and adaptability of their “operating system” than in other companies are more successful. Managers who manage to transfer more and more operational decision-making skills to their team gain precisely this crucial time. Teams with greater accountability develop faster, produce better results and enjoy their work more. A spiral that leads upwards!

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