"Agile Leadership Team"

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POT equals top management.

In a leadership team, the “boss-in-chief” becomes the product owner and the next management level becomes the team.
In most cases, they meet once or twice a week for the daily and bi-weekly sprint transfer. The sprint backlog was broken down from the strategic annual goals into a stage plan and then into a sprint plan, similar to AGILE in projects.

der agile coach

Strategic initiatives.

The leadership team focuses on working “ON the company”. The so-called “strategic initiatives” are projects that improve the organisation, the processes, the methods and the tools. They optimise the working conditions in which the teams can become more efficient and effective.

They are related to the vision and mission. Where do we want to go? How does the organisation need to change to get there? This board does not include operational day-to-day issues.

der agile coach


The leadership teams and the PO (“chief executive”) are accompanied by a coach who is accepted at the leadership level. He*she organises the ceremonies and helps those involved to define the right structure and aggregation of the backlogs in order to achieve success and progress. An AGILELEADERSHIPCOACH has achieved acceptance when he/she is asked for feedback. Giving feedback to managers is a fine art. It requires a great deal of sensitivity and empathy. Above all, however, it requires a clear and unambiguous target image of a manager. The focus here is on questioning techniques and helping people to help themselves.