"Excellent Preparation"

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Best project preparation in limited time.

In the “Excellent Preparation” phase, in a kind of final spurt, M, T and P (PO team):

  • the project is planned up to the final deadline.
  • the decisive requirements are checked for stability and clarity.
  • the capacity in the development is checked.
  • completed the risk management in order to be able to make the business decision for the project. Better to start with known risks than to spend an extremely long time examining…
  • Dependencies, stakeholder management, variants formation, Minimum Viable Product, budget determined.
  • set the maturity planning and architecture guardrails.
  • provided the project infrastructure.

The goal is to investigate technical and economic feasibility.

Depending on the complexity, the economic and technical investigation can be separated into two phases. Development teams should be burdened with as little additional work as possible in order to disrupt ongoing projects as little as possible.

der agile coach

The sprint before the sprints.

Excellent Preparation is performed by the POT in a “Sprint 0” (typically 1-2 weeks) based on a prepared backlog.

Only as many projects are well prepared as can be called up in the next few weeks. Due to the clocking of the process, new projects can be added at any time.

der agile coach

PULL instead of PUSH.

The very well prepared projects move into the execution phase (into the “pipeline”) as soon as the necessary resources are secured.

This means that development “pulls” the next project itself.
Compared to the method of pushing more and more projects into the pipeline (PUSH), this has the advantage that the optimal flow (FLOW) of the already running projects is maintained.

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