"Portfolio Commitee"

der agile coach

Who actually decides on the best project ideas?

The Portfolio-Commitee:

  • Is typically composed of decision makers, from product management and development, and meets regularly to respond quickly and iteratively to new findings.
  • Invites product managers, project managers and experts to present project proposals and ask for decisions.
  • Evaluates project proposals by “business value” to achieve relative prioritization among them and transparency for decisions.
  • Freely “go” the project proposals as they move from one phase to the next. This assumes that there is still sufficient capacity for processing in the subsequent phase, typically by product managers and project managers.
  • newer project proposals may contain significantly higher business value and therefore be preferred over existing ones.
  • if project proposals are not released even despite improvements through post-processing, they should be removed “no-go“.

der agile coach

“Detail as you go!” saves energy and capacity.

Project proposals “mature” as they move through the funnel. They are regularly reviewed and revised, if necessary, as they move through the phases. At each stage, only that information is needed to decide the transition to the next stage.

Also, at the end of a stage of the portfolio funnel, only the project details that are really needed for the next decision or ultimately for good preparation and a safe project start need to be available.

Therefore, the committee deliberately avoids too much detail in order to make decisions efficiently.

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