"M-3 Searchfield"

der agile coach

Searching brings knowledge.

We find patterns of problems that many clients have in common and offer solutions to them.

When you search, you often find things that are valuable but that you weren’t looking for at all.
We also find technologies and check whether our customers have the right problem for them.

der agile coach

Hold focus.

Much in the world is interesting, but we don’t want to get bogged down in the search.
Defined search fields help searchers to proceed systematically and thoroughly.

der agile coach

Search at the user.

We can bring the user’s experience to the developer when the developer can’t come to the user: This is “Customer Process Monitoring” (CPM).

We observe the user and evaluate the observations in a structured way. These findings, in turn, are the perfect input for design thinking workshops.

der agile coach

What happens at the gate?.

In a short pitch, the project is presented with the help of a one-pager containing the strategy fit, the estimated business value and also the unique selling proposition (USP).

The project passes the gate if it is ranked high based on the information and there is still capacity available in the phase after.