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More personal responsibility in the team …

… leads to problems being solved more independently. However, when teams reach their limits, the POT is asked for help. But even this reaches its limits at some point, e.g. when it comes to more capacity, as is so often the case. If the next hierarchical level of department leaders is needed now, a POT member must conduct these discussions. Often, the topics are so interconnected that it results in a chain reaction across several disciplines. A POT must then run from Pontius to Pilate to come to a decision. To speed this up, it helps to install a shop floor management team.

der agile coach

Accelerating the speed of decision-making.

Agile teams become more independent, more creative in finding solutions and, above all, faster. This increase in speed must be accompanied by an increasing speed of decision-making at the level of department heads.

At a fixed time of the day, the department leaders are all available together for a short time, e.g. 15 minutes like a daily. Every POT knows this time and knows when to meet it together and get coordinated decisions. Someone once said: “It’s like a post office opening time”.

The big advantage is that these decisions were made in the knowledge of networking across the various disciplines, e.g. hardware, software, mechanics and testing. However, networking across the sum of the projects can also be taken into account.

A shop floor management team meets daily in many companies. This results in a much higher reaction speed and a smaller number of decisions per day.

der agile coach

Trust instead of silo behavior.

One of the biggest efficiency killers in companies is silo thinking and behavior. What is meant is that disciplines differentiate themselves and work more against each other than with each other. Interestingly, this phenomenon varies greatly from company to company. In some companies, there is more trust at the relationship level of the department heads.

The typical human effect of the demarcation is less if the department leaders meet with each other on a daily basis and come to an agreement on a daily basis. I say: “then building trust cannot be avoided at all!”

der agile coach

Coaching of the shop floor management team.

The typical trap that a shop floor management team can fall into is to become a steering committee. The reflex of a superior, with the best of intentions, to inquire about the status of the projects, makes him consciously fall into a controlling attitude. He gives helpful hints without being asked, but these are interpreted as commands. This inevitably leads to a reduction in personal responsibility and thus to the opposite of AGILE. There is a great danger here!

This is exactly where the use of an AGILECOACH is required. It defines the rules for servant leadership: answers are not given without being asked. Control questions do not belong in this meeting. Allignment of the section leaders is mandatory. The AGILECOACH provides valuable feedback together or individually in personal conversations.

No implementation of a shop floor management meeting without AGILECOACH!

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