der agile coach

The new role of the department head.

If your own team works AGILE and self-organized – what is left for me as department head to do? Am I suddenly superfluous? No, I am more valuable than ever before because I have to shape the environment and now I finally have the time to do it: where energy previously flowed into professional collaboration, this is now fully available to the development of the subject area. My goal is for the development teams to be able to realize unique product positions and competitive advantages for the company through our participation. As a manager, I have the following three levers with which I can make my area of expertise powerful and valuable for the company:

der agile coach

Develop people.

Developing people: my employees are THE “special unit” for their domain. You have the highest level of professional expertise, are team players and have a strong business orientation. They can and can develop based on their strengths. I support them and give regular feedback at a professional level. I maintain close and trusting relationships with my employees and recognize how I can best use their own development goals to implement my departmental strategy.

der agile coach

Develop processes.

Develop processes: our work processes are explicitly written down experiences from previous projects and at the same time have their finger on the pulse of the times. They are efficient and effective at the same time and help everyone in our field not to repeat mistakes. At the same time, they don’t restrict us – since the environment in which the organization and the specialist area operate is constantly changing, I also regularly adapt our processes. In addition, I provide standardized solutions and modules for technology and product platforms, with which I contribute to sustainably reducing development costs for all projects.

der agile coach

Develop specialty.


Develop specialist area: the development tools, working methods and skills that we have available are “state-of-the-art”. In this way, we make excellent contributions to all projects in our organization and help to inspire our customers on-time with innovative product features. We are innovative and specifically test innovations in our domain. From this I derive recommendations for. e.g. company-wide development regulations. In this way, I ensure the professional clout of our company and attract the best applicants on the market to our team through high attractiveness.

All of this takes time, which I can now finally take as an AGILE leader.

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