"Agile Leadership Coach"

der agile coach

The coach that managers trust.

The AGILELEADERSHIPCOACH (ALC) is a fitness trainer, with a clear conscience and 24/7 support in one person.

As a strong foundation, an ALC must be able to build on the training to become an AGILECOACH. In addition, however, the AGILELEADERSHIPCOACH has an even deeper understanding of leadership and the worries and challenges associated with the change to a new behavior. An AGILELEADERSHIPCOACH has enjoyed intensive additional training and can support the special aspects of leadership and management work with both advanced hardskill and soft skills methods.

First and foremost, the good AGILELEADERSHIPCOACH succeeds in establishing a sustainable relationship with the manager. Managers are neither condemned nor ridiculed by the AGILELEADERSHIPCOACH – the AGILELEADERSHIPCOACH knows about the difference between addressing a need for action recognized “from the outside” and the actual implementation of this change. The latter is the harder part.

In my opinion, mastering this successfully requires

  • to know oneself,
  • to have the courage to swim against the tide and against the expectations and patterns of others,
  • reflect on one’s own behaviors and effects on others, and
  • to keep at it against all odds!

This path works better with a partner at your side. This is the self-image of the AGILELEADERSHIPCOACH. The managers sense this and confidently turn to the AGILELEADERSHIPCOACH with my questions and concerns. The AGILELEADERSHIPCOACH gives clear feedback, even if it hurts: behind it is always the positive intention of the AGILELEADERSHIPCOACH to help the manager into their new agile role.

der agile coach

Additional training inside.

For coaching outside of AGILE projects, a coach needs further knowledge of methods.

  • Departments: KANBAN often helps here to organize work and form teams. The AGILELEADERSHIPCOACH has understood the 4 principles of KANBAN and is confident in their application and communication. So that the manager does not run the risk of falling into micro-management and operational interference due to the new transparency, the AGILELEADERSHIPCOACH supports them in taking on the new leadership role and allowing employees to grow in the specialist areas.
  • Management teams: The organization of work in the management group follows similar rules to those in AGILE project teams. Nevertheless, special features must be accompanied methodically differently. Be it transparent work in sprints on strategic initiatives or quick support in the event of obstacles from an x-functional management TEAM.

The AGILELEADERSHIPCOACH knows how to best support these cases.

der agile coach

Clear understanding of target roles.

,,How should I be as an AGILELEADER? What is expected of me and what do I have to do differently than before?”

These questions often concern managers when the company is undergoing an agile transformation. As a coach, I do not specify the specific implementation, since the coachee generally comes up with better, more self-effective solutions, but I help with clear impulses to draw a desirable target picture. What areas of responsibility do the different hierarchy levels have?

  • What does their day-to-day business involve?
  • How can they fulfill the company strategy?
  • How do they become responsible co-creators at their own level?
  • How do you promote agility in the company?

The answers to these questions look different for the product owner, team/group management, department/area management and management levels. As an AGILELEADERSHIPCOACH, I can give valuable information at every level about what constitutes a goal and how I can get there as a manager.

From the perspective of managers, the AGILELEADERSHIPCOACH doesn’t “just” give great coaching questions, but also opens up new ways of thinking through examples and impulses.