der agile coach

Automatic Decisions: Rules-Based Priorities.

Many requests or tasks already “have” a natural priority – rule-based priority criteria can serve as basic prioritization for most operational business topics, e.g.:

  • Product defects with liability relevance: Priority 1
  • Production disruption: priority 2
  • Imminent system failure: priority 3

Once these operational priority criteria have been defined, the team can sort most topics independently – et voilà: self-organization and personal responsibility!

Criteria according to which the department head typically makes decisions can and should be made explicit so that the team can decide independently in the future with the manager’s perspective: “How and why does my department head decide this way?” Making these subconscious rules transparent with the help of the AGILELEADERSHIPCOACH helps the team to take responsibility and the manager to get out of overload.

der agile coach

Quick response: escalations via SHOPFLOORMEETING.

And what if things don’t go according to plan?

Then the AGILETEAM either solved it themselves or addressed it to the management team via the SHOPFLOORMEETING.

This escalation will be taken into account without delay on a daily basis on the KANBAN board of the affected department.

der agile coach

Good leadership: Prioritization via department management.

“The tremendous thing that is granted to a human being is the choice of freedom!” (Søren Kierkegaard).

The two prioritization criteria described above can only ever be one thing: good HELP. Nevertheless, it is good that we have a well-functioning gut feeling and brain and should therefore deviate from these rules at any time if the situation requires it.

In such a case, the most important thing is of course to explain it appropriately to the team and stakeholders.


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